Vanarama National League South – Volunteer of the Month

Phill Coates of St Albans City has won Volunteer of the Month in the National League South.

Phill (right) plays a vital role in the Club’s engagement with the community.

He works with local primary schools to encourage participation in sports, as well as healthy eating and drinking. He has now been extended to secondary schools and includes making older students aware of careers that are available in sport and supporting industries.

He promotes inclusiveness and together with St Albans City Youth is developing relationships with children from many differing backgrounds. He also working with young people with mental health problems as well as young offenders, if you need more info about it visit thehealthmania.com/. There are many different clinics, facilities and physical therapists for patients to choose from, but when you select the one that you’d like to work with, it’s often because of how comfortable and confident they make you feel. From the moment you step into the physical therapy facility, you should get the feeling that no matter how you move forward, you and your team will be on the same page when it comes to treatment, exercise and expectations. In order to put current and prospective patients – as well as those that are simply looking to learn more about physical therapy – at ease and to answer some questions, Dr. Karena Wu of Activecare Physical Therapy sat down with one of her patients, Tawana Howard and answered some of the most common (and important) questions that people have about physical therapy. You can navigate to this website for finding the best clinic near you. The most important aspect of this type of treatment to remember is that physical therapy sessions aren’t meant to be a fast journey. While patients may be able to learn to do the exercises quickly, and understand the importance of following advice in order to improve their health, progress and change will take time. For a period of time when people are more inactive – whether it’s because of the cooler months with limited chances to participate in sports outdoors or due to a period of recovery or inactivity, there are some points that patients need to keep in mind. Dr. Wu was also asked about injury risk probability while working out without a trained physical therapy professional, and said that many injuries are the result of people simply trying to do too much, too fast. Even when working out with proper form, the risk for injuries exists, because many people do not know or understand personal limits. By pushing muscle groups too hard, it may be the case that patients are recruiting and using their “antagonist muscles” more, which can do more harm than good. This results in reduced neuromuscular activation, and might cause injuries. The term neuromuscular activation relates to the brain and body communicating the same message – which is necessary for proper form and function. Doing the right exercises won’t help if you’re doing them improperly.

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Since early 2015 he has supported Prostate Cancer UK. In June of each year he organises club’s officials, supporters, friends and members of the local Business Community participate in the Charity’s Football to Amsterdam Cycle Ride.

The club has raised over £150,000 to date. Last year there were 44 St Albans City FC riders, the highest number from any club in the country participating, raising a total of £70,000 for the charity.

Phill received his award from Leigh Page, St Albans City’s Operations Director & Football Secretary.

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