Ticket purchases – step by step guide


Step 1: Visit www.stalbanscityfc.com and click on TICKETS and then MATCH TICKETS

Step 2: Scroll up and down the page to select your game and click on the ‘Buy’ button

Step 3: Scroll down and select the tickets you require and then click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button

Step 4: If the tickets selected are correct, click on the ‘Assign Attendees’ button.

Step 5: Log into your account. If it is your first time, click on the ‘Create a New Account’ link and go to step 9 of this guide.

Step 6: If the ticket is for yourself, it will be automatically assigned to you. If you are buying on behalf of someone else, click on the ‘Edit Details’ button to update the details and, when you are happy with the changes, click on the ‘Confirm & Pay’ button.

Step 7: The final step is to confirm how you would like the tickets delivered to you. We recommend that you select e-ticket by Email. Then enter your credit or debit card details, click on the ‘Please agree to the Terms & conditions of sale’ tickbox and click on the ‘Pay’ button.

Step 8: Your ticket will now be issued to your email address. You can either simply show the ticket on your phone at the turnstiles (for scanning) or print off and present at the turnstiles for scanning (example ticket below).

Step 9: If you are creating your account for the first time, you will need to just enter some basic details to ensure that a ticket can be issued to you, such as your name and email address.