Saints Snowball

The Saints Snowball is our community lottery. For just £10 a month, you have the chance to win from a monthly prize fund and help your football club.

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Saints Snowball is a fantastic way to raise funds for the club whilst giving you the chance to win cash each month and maybe a lot more twice a season.

We want as many supporters and followers of the club as possible to take a monthly £10 stake. The format is a monthly draw with each member having a unique number.

  • The first prize each month is 25% of the available prize fund.
  • The second prize each month is 15% of the available prize fund.
  • The third prize each month is 10% of the available prize fund.

The remainder of the available prize fund is put towards the Saints Super Snowball draws at Christmas and end of season.

For example, if we have 100 members – our initial membership target – each paying £10 a month, the club gets £500 and the prize fund is £500, half of which is distributed on a monthly basis between three winners, £125, £75 and £50.

The remainder is put towards the two Saints Super Snowballs each of which would have a prize of around £1500. If member numbers are more or less the prizes will be in proportion.

Draws will take place at half time during the last home game of each month with the Saints Super Snowball draws being made on the last home game before Christmas and the end of season.

In order to be entered into the Saints Super Snowball draws, you must have been a member for each of the previous five monthly draws.

Draws will continue to be made during the closed season and winners will be notified each month. A list of winning numbers will be found here and in the programme.

Saints Snowball

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