Owners unveil plans for Community Stadium

On Wednesday morning co-owners Lawrence Levy, John McGowan and stadium manager, Leigh Page, made a presentation to the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce unveiling plans of a new 6,000 capacity home, at Noke Lane, for St Albans City Football Club as a part of a comprehensive new local community development, in a partnership with developer and land-owner CWC Group.

This is an incredible opportunity not only for the club but the whole community.

We want to be a thriving element within the City, creating business and employment opportunities along with associated community benefits.

said co-owner John McGowan.

This is our one opportunity, without this the club has a difficult future and if we pull this off it will be massive not only for the club of course but the whole community.

We want to be a thriving element within the City, creating business and going forward, on the up.

In terms of timescale, the owners have left no stone unturned and, if the club are granted permission by the council, then things have the potential to move along at a swift rate. 

McGowan explains:

I believe it will be a year to eighteen months to go through planning, with the same time frame to get the development through so I’m hoping that by 2022 we will be in a position to be kicking a football on the pitch.

We’re all positive and we’re calling for support – so any letters and emails to show that the community are behind us would be greatly appreciated.

One man who has been working alongside the developers and the owners is stadium manager, Leigh Page.

This is certainly the most advanced proposal I’ve ever seen the club put together but more than that, it’s a very compelling case. It’s more than just a football ground, it’s a community hub where we can develop and grow going forward both on and off the field.

More importantly it’s what it can offer to the district beyond just the football. The football club will be the nucleus of the project and how we drive the development into the future.

These plans are a clear statement of intent and as I’ve said before, we’re far and away at a more advanced stage of proceedings than we have ever been.

Page, a supporter of some forty years himself has dedicated the last three years to this presentation and explains the next step is the crucial one.

The council needs to assess the representation put forward by the club and it is our hope that we will be included in the new local district plan.

Lawrence Levy and Leigh Page will be hosting a Q&A event in the clubhouse on Thursday 5th April 2018 at 7.30pm where supporters can get up to date information about the new plans and answer any questions.

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