Lucy’s dream

Lucy is 10 years old and has an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) in the chiasm area of the brain that extends into her left eye.

She suffers from ischemic vision loss in both eyes but more severely in the left. She is at constant risk of developing aneurysms and having bleeds/strokes and is being tested for HHT which, if proven, means she could have many AVM’s throughout her body.

The condition means that Lucy will utlimately go blind. Lauren, who works in our clubhouse, has organised a raffle to raise money to help Lucy create as many memories as possible before she goes blind. Lucy’s dream is to go to Hollywood to see the walk of fame as she loves celebrities. The raffle prizes include a 1-hour test drive in a Mclaren sports car, worth £200,000, as a prize (you must hold a full uk license to drive the car, if not you will travel as a passenger), £25 Tesco vouchers x2, bottles of Jack Daniels and Vodka, Dewalt clothing donated by Tool Bank and many more prizes. Raffle tickets will be on sale in the clubhouse at our home games, £2 a strip or 3 strips for £5.

Let’s help get Lucy to Hollywood to live her dream!!!

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