COVID-19 Update 25th March – Club Statement

Dated 25th March 2020

With the progress of the COVID-19 disease, we have seen the impact that this is having on the world of sport. With the top four tiers of the English game postponing football until at least the end of April, we will keep you updated as soon as we know how this impacts ourselves and when football is likely to return at Clarence Park. 

It’s a strange situation not being able to cheer on the Saints at present but we can utilise our efforts to applaud and congratulate the great work that the true heroes across our NHS are doing at the moment to keep us all safe. 

With the suspension of all football operations at the Club, the players are currently furloughed whilst still independently maintaining their individual fitness programme and all are in regular contact with Ian and the rest of the coaching staff. 

We will be back to training as a collective once it is safe to do so and ultimately when we understand how the current campaign is to be concluded. 

The club have also followed the Government ruling stopping all non-essential activities and have been working hard since the lockdown, working closely with the football authorities. 

The board have also been meeting regularly to discuss the unfolding situation to outline our plans for the coming weeks and months. We will be making announcements as the situation becomes clearer, so urge everyone to follow the official club social media channels and local press for all the very latest news. 

We know these are challenging and worrying times for everyone and for as long as we can, we’ll continue to help our community, supporters, players and staff at every opportunity. 

Thank you all again for your great support.

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