Associate Directorship

This is a new and exciting opportunity to support the club and assist with its ambition to develop and advance in the future.

This opportunity take the form of executive sponsorships designed to suit supporters of the club who wish to avail themselves of either corporate or individual hospitality combined with a closer involvement with the club’s activities.

For named individuals whose benefits are non-transferable and subject to annual board approval, and the Articles of Association of St Albans City Football & Athletic Club Ltd.

All benefits given are subject to strict confidentiality between both parties. This is a social position and has no voting rights.

  1. Acknowledgement of title in match day programme and on the official club website.
  2. Full boardroom facilities for all home games for Associate Director and up to one guest.
  3. Full boardroom facilities and seating for all away games subject to availability.
  4. Seat on team coach for all away games. Additional seat available subject to availability and charged at ‘Director for a Day’ current price. Any costs incurred for pre-match meals, overnight accommodation plus meals, must be paid for separately.
  5. To host business associates and/or family subject to availability of spare seating in the boardroom on matchdays.
  6. Three updates each year on developments at the football club by the owners & directors.
  7. Invitation to attend team photo-shoot each season.
  8. Two complimentary tickets to the end of season presentation event, plus one other event during the season with the opportunity to purchase a table.
  9. Special rates for sponsorship & advertising
  10. Networking opportunities
  11. Club tie and blazer badge
  12. Privileged access to purchase high profile football tickets, subject to availability. (Wembley matches etc)

By accepting this position, the person agrees not to pass on or use information gained in the boardroom that in any way could break confidentiality, or is detrimental to St Albans City Football Club, or any other football club